Bankruptcy Forms

Bankruptcy Services

  • Conduct client interview to complete intake forms
  • Prepare debt, income and assets breakdown ­ determine classification of debts
  • Draft and prepare petition (Ch. 7 and 13)
  • Draft and prepare Chapter 13 Plan

What steps are taken to complete a Bankruptcy Petition?

  1. Client is emailed a set of Client Intake Forms in PDF format to print and fill out in the comfort of their own home.
  2. Client will fax or email their completed forms for review. We will begin drafting the bankruptcy petition from the information provided on the Client Intake Forms.
  3. Areas of the Client Intake Forms that are not properly completed or containing statements that require a more detailed answer would easily be solved with a simple phone call to the client to obtain the missing information.
  4. After the drafting of the bankruptcy petition, our office saves the document in PDF format and sends it for review as an attachment.
  5. At this point we can meet to review the bankruptcy petition before filing the petition.
  6. If there are any required revisions, we will proceed to make the adjustments.
  7. After the changes have been approved to the bankruptcy petition, our office will complete the final bankruptcy petition to file with the bankruptcy court either electronically or hand delivery.

What documents to bring in to proceed with preparing a Bankruptcy Petition?

  • Current paycheck stubs;
  • If you are unemployed, include copies of documents showing any income you receive(d) from unemployment, worker´s compensation, child support, SSI, social security, retirement, estate, etc.
  • Mortgage and deed if you own a home or other real property (i.e., land, apartment complex, etc.);
  • Copies of your car, boat, motorcycle, mobile home or other titles to motor vehicles;
  • Copies of your tax returns;
  • Copies of any court proceedings filed against you.

What court documents are filed with a bankruptcy petition?

Voluntary Petition, Summary of Schedules, Schedules A-J, Forms, Statement of Financial Affairs, Statement of Intentions, Creditor´s Matrix, Means Test, Debtor Forms, and Non-Attorney Forms (if applicable).

What are two new bankruptcy laws/requirements when filing a Bankruptcy petition?

  1. Means Test
  2. Financial Management Course

What is a Means Test?

You must compare your income and family size to the average in your state. If you make less than the average, you can check off "The presumption does not arise." on the Means Test form. This statement means you may be able to file a Chapter 7, which you could be discharged of paying all the debts, you owe. If your income is more than the average, then you must complete the remainder of the Means Test form stating all of your expenses. If you still making too much money, the courts may require you to file a Chapter 13.

What is a Financial Management Course?

The financial management course is mandatory credit counseling. You must take a 90-minute seminar which is done prior to filing your bankruptcy petition. In addition, you must also complete a financial management course after you have had your scheduled court date which is called "meeting of creditors".

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